Investment Management Services

At FSBCP Trust and Investment Services, we have always been a fiduciary for every client we serve. This means we are uniquely and legally bound to put your interests above those of anyone else, including ourselves. A professional financial advisor is one of the most important resources you, as an investor, can have in today’s changing financial world. Your range of investment choices can be overwhelming and time-consuming. In your busy life, you may not have time to consistently follow the many options in the market today. 

The buy and sell decisions we make for your account (or, if you prefer, the recommendations submitted for your approval) represent our independent judgment of the best course of action for your portfolio, given your objectives, risk tolerance and the market outlook. We will monitor your portfolio to keep your investments on track with your goals. We take on the detailed research and monitoring tasks for you so you can focus on enjoyment of life!

You continue to own your securities, and you may add or withdraw funds or terminate your account at any time. 

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