FSBCP E-Statements

Getting your monthly statements has never been easier. Enroll in our E-Statement service and start accessing your monthly statements directly from your Digital Banking* account. All of the same statement information is included.

There are several benefits of receiving an E-Statement rather than a paper statement:


Your E-Statement will be available to you on the next business day after your statement period ends, meaning you'll receive them earlier each month.


You can access them from your Digital Banking account, view, save, and even print your statement when and where it's convenient for you.


E-Statements are extremely safe...maybe even safer than paper statements, which pass through many hands on the way to your home and may sit in an unsecured mailbox before you collect your mail.


If you have concerns about others in your household accessing your statements, E-Statements can help you maintain the confidentiality you desire.


E-Statements offer you various archiving options. You have the ability to access them from your Digital Banking account, download and store them on your computer, or print them. For added peace of mind and for back-up purposes, you can even store them on an external hard drive, flash drive, or CD-ROM.

E-Statements: safer, faster, more convenient, and best of all FREE!

Sign up using Digital Banking to get started, or stop by any of our locations to enroll today and make getting your monthly statements easier.

How to Enroll in E-Statements

  1. Log into your Digital Banking account
  2. From the main menu, choose "Settings" and select "Delivery Preference"
  3. Select "Electronic" as the delivery option for each account that you would like to receive E-statements. 

*Your cellular provider's data and text messaging rates may apply to mobile Digital Banking Services including Mobile Banking, Mobile Deposit, Mobile Wallet, Zelle®, Card Controls, and Beacon Alerts activities.